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Manufactured Plastic Prototypes (MPP)

MPP is a subtractive rapid prototyping fabrication process for creating plastic prototypes. The plastic material is removed from a solid block by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment that cuts away the unwanted material.

The MPP process is offered for 3 production plastics – ABS natural, ABS black and Acrylic clear. Unlike traditional rapid prototyping processes, the MPP material is a production grade plastic that is durable enough for end-use applications.

Why select MPP process for your prototypes?

MPP offers a more functional prototype part than any of the rapid prototyping processes available. This is due to the process of removing material from a solid block of production grade plastic rather than creating the part through an additive manufacturing process.

Manufactured Plastic Prototypes Highlights

  • Production quality materials allow for stronger more accurate parts.
  • Instant Online Quoting available for STL file format.
  • Better accuracy than rapid prototyping.
    – +/- 0.010"
  • Smooth surface finish eliminates stair stepping seen with rapid prototyping processes.
  • Standard lead time is 8-11 business days.
  • 12 X 12 X 3 part dimension for Instant Quoting.
    – Large part capabilities for Offline quoting.
    – Offline quote response guaranteed within 24 hours.