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PolyJet Technology

PolyJet Technology is a new Rapid Prototyping process that provides a quick turn around for smooth, fully cured parts. The process consists only of UV bulbs and photopolymer materials.

PolyJet machines fully cure each layer of super fine UV photopolymer and support materials as eight jetting heads precisely deposit the product. Support material is easily separated from the part by either a water jet or hand and brush. No special baths or extra finishing treatments are needed.

Finished PolyJet parts can readily absorb paint and can also be machined, drilled, chrome-plated or used as molds.

PolyJet Highlights

  • Excellent for Fit and Form Testing and show models.
  • Maximum dimensions for instant quotes: 19.3" x 15.4" x 7.9". Parts with larger dimensions are also available. Please contact your sales manager to discuss.
  • PolyJet material choices include: 61A Elastomeric TangoBlack (PolyJet FC970), 75A Elastomeric TangoGray (PolyJet FC950), Elastomeric/Rubber-Like TangoPlus (PolyJet FC930), High Resolution Rigid Translucent (PolyJet FC720), High Resolution Rigid VeroBlue (PolyJet FC840), High Resolution Rigid VeroWhite (PolyJet FC830), High Resolution Rigid VeroBlack (PolyJet FC830), and PP-Like Durus White (FC430).
  • Standard Tolerances of: +/- 0.005" for the first inch, +/- 0.002” on every inch thereafter.
  • In the z height (vertical), standard tolerances of +/- 0.01" for the first inch, +/- 0.002” on every inch thereafter.
  • PolyJet Layer Thickness: Horizontal build layers down to 16 microns (0.0006").
  • PolyJet Finish Options: Standard.