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About 3D Printing (3DP)

drastically reduce your time and cost of your product development

3D Printing is your ideal choice for hard plastic or cast-friendly wax parts in a wide variety of applications ranging from realistic concept models to final part manufacturing. 3D printed parts are precise and ultra detailed enabling you to create your designs with confidence.

3D printed parts enables you to eliminate expensive tooling cost and drastically reduce your time and cost of your product development or production.

At, we use state-of-the-art high definition, 3D Printers from 3D Systems, a global leader in three dimensional office and desktop solutions. Choose from a selection of materials and processes and get beautiful, ready-to-use, quality parts today.

Key Benefits

  • Superior surface smoothness and fine feature detail without support scaring
  • True to design exceptional internal geometry
  • Fast, durable hard plastic parts
  • Castable patterns
  • 100% Real Wax precision high-definition patterns for direct investment casting applications
  • Multiple finishing options


3D printed parts are precise and detailed and provide outstanding prototypes and concept models for a wide range of applications. 3D printed parts are primarily used by MCAD users for early, fast and economical design verification and communication in industrial and mechanical design, technical and artistic design education, electrical engineer applications, packaging engineering, medical, dental, art and hobbyist applications, entertainment and gaming, musical instruments, and many others.

The Technology

An additive layer-by-layer process, 3D Printing (MJM) technology uses thermoplastic material deposited in layers on a platform.

Step by step:

  • A 3D CAD file is translated into a surface model made up of thousands of small triangles.
  • The file is sliced into many layers like a stack of cards and transferred into 3D Printer.
  • A thermal inkjet process is used to print layer upon layer of both build and support material to create a solid object.
  • For plastic parts, the photo curable build material is further hardened by UV light during the process.
  • When the build is complete the support material (wax) is melted or dissolved leaving the final part ready for use.

3D Printing Systems

Based on 3D Systems’ proprietary and proven MJM technology, operates the latest fleet of high definition 3D Printers, delivering plastic and wax parts with unmatched part quality 24 hours per day, every day.

3D Systems comprehensive family of ProJet 3D Printers consistently build ready-to-use parts using a variety of material options. Its high throughput and large build volume with unique part stacking and nesting capabilities enable extended unattended operation ideal for overnight and weekend production runs.